229 is what percent (%) of 356?

is what % of ?

How to solve this problem

A step by step guide

This type of problem is simple to solve and has many uses in day to day life. One example of this calculating what percentage grade you scored on a test. Solving this type of problem involes two simple math problems. Like many percentage problems, the only operations involved are multiplication and division. In this case, one division and one multiplication. As with any type of division and multiplication, these operations can be done in any order you like. Here are the steps you have to take to solve this problem:

Step 1: Divide 229 by 356;
The first step is to divide the numerator of this problem by the denominator. The numerator in this case is 229 and the denominator is 356. Here is the equation for this operation: $$ \frac{229}{356} = 229 \div 356 = 0.64325842696629 $$

Step 2: Multiply 0.64325842696629 by 100
The second step is to multiply the result of step 1 by 100. This will turn our original answer into a percentage. This is the final answer to the problem. Here is the equation for: $$ 0.64325842696629 \times 100 = 64.33 $$